Photo: Kölner Dom and Hohenzollernbrücke at night

This photo is a night picture of the Dome of Cologne (ger.: Kölner Dom), the Rhine (ger.: Rhein) and the Hohenzollernbrücke, which is a train and pedestrian bridge over the Rhine. It was taken from the eastern side of the Rhine right in front of the Hyatt Hotel. The blue light which is reflected in the river originates from the illumination of the Musical Dome right next to Cologne Central Station.

Kölner Dom & Hohenzollernbrücke at night (Cologne Dome)

Photo: Düsseldorf, Medienhafen Photo: Frankfurt am Main Skyline at Sundown (HDR) Panorama shot of the Düsseldorfer Medienhafen at night Photo: Düsseldorfer Medienhafen (Hyatt-Hotel) at night

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