Photo of Mercedes Benz CLS Coupé (350 CDI, black)

This picture shows a black Mercedes Benz CLS Coupé with a 6-cylinder diesel engine (350 CDI) on a street inside of Munich (the streets name is Bavariaring, which is next to the Kaiser Ludwig Platz on which the Münchener Oktoberfest is held). This luxurious car is constructed on the basis of the Mercedes Benz E-Class limousine. It has a coupé-like shape, but since it has four doors and more importantly a center pillar it is no Coupé by strict definition.
The photo was taken at a focal length of 15mm, what makes this an ultra wide angle shot and results in the distortion of the car’s form. In digital post-processing the color saturation and sharpness of the background were reduced to make the car stand out.

Mercedes Benz CLS Coupé (350 CDI)

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