The photos on this site were taken in the butterfly garden in Sayn (ger.: Garten der Schmetterlinge Schloss Sayn). Many different butterfly species fly around freely in a walkable glas pavilion. While the insects can be observed here in all of their four life parts (egg, larva, pupa and adult), the last stage is without question the most fascinating one from an esthetics point of view.
Butterflies and moths have always been popular motifs in visual arts. For most of the photos I used a 100mm macro lens without a tripod and no flashlight. For many photos I had to raise the ISO value and use a wide open aperture to get reasonably short exposure times. The wide open aperture however results in a very narrow depth of field, as it can be observed in the photographs.

Photo of butterfly: Idea leuconoe (CloseUp) Photo of orange Julia Butterfly on flower (Dryas iulia) Bee on purple lavender flower Photo of butterfly: Siproeta stelenes / Malachite

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