Photo: Frozen tree in winter (Löwenburg castle ruin in Bad Honnef)

This picture was taken in late December 2010 at sundown in the castle ruin Löwenburg (Lion Castle). The Löwenburg is located on the mountain of the same name between Bad Honnef and Ittenbach in the Siebengebirge, Germany. It shows an isolated tree with ice and snow on it’s boughs. This sole tree is a widely visible landmark and stands in the upper castle square of the Löwenburg.
In good weather, one can see the Rhein (Rhine) and the rest of the landscape from here. When this image was taken, dense fog obstructed the view and produced diffuse light.

Frozen tree in Loewenburg ruin (Bad Honnef, winter, snow, ice)

Photo: Silhouette of Snowy Treeline at sundown (HDR, wintertime) Siebengebirge / The Seven Mountains The tree on top of the Löwenburg at sundown Spring: Meadow with blue Flowers

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