Photo: Silhouette of Snowy Treeline at sundown (HDR, wintertime)

This photo shows the silhouette of an urban forest in Cologne (ger.: Köln) at sundown in wintertime. The trees are loaded with snow. The image was derived from a HDR (high dynamic range) picture which was created from three distinct exposures. Usually, the different exposures for the creation of a HDR image are obtained by keeping the aperture constant and using different exposure times. In this case however the camera was (inadvertently, I may add) in shutter priority mode. So the exposure time is constant at 1/125 sec and the aperture varies.

Snowy Treeline at sundown (HDR)

The tree on top of the Löwenburg at sundown Spring: Meadow with blue Flowers Siebengebirge / The Seven Mountains Photo: Frozen tree in winter (Löwenburg castle ruin in Bad Honnef)

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