Abstract Photography

The selected category contains photos in the following three sub-categories:

  1. Crystals
    Mountain Crystal (close-up macro shot)
  2. Smoke Sculptures
    Photos of candle smoke, postprocessed in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Water Drop Sculptures
    Macro photos of water droplets dropping into liquid.
    Photo of a waterjet immediately before dissipation Photo of a whirlpool / black hole Photo of rocket fuel Red Coronet
    Rainbow Droplets Water droplet in action droplets and a jet of water over a liquid surface Photo of a collapsing water jet which erupted after a droplet hit the liquid surface
    Photo of water drops over a blue liquid surface Photo of golden drops of water over a liquid surface Photo of coronet generated by a drop of water (green) Photo of red jet generated by water droplet

All categories:

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