My photographic equipment is currently comprised of:

Parts I owned but do no longer use:

For me, it all started with the EOS 500d and the kit lens (18-55mm) in 2009, and I was happy with this combination for a while. But after experiencing the picture quality that some other lenses from the Canon portfolio could deliver on the 500d, I became increasingly unhappy with the technical quality of the pictures it produced (lack of sharpness, low contrast, washed out colors). I eventually replaced the kit lens with the better EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM. In addition to the better picture quality and the ultrasonic motor, the large focal length range makes the EF-S 15-85mm lens very versatile. At a focal length of 15mm it is also a great wide-angle lens for landscape photography.
Another zoom lens I frequently use is the 70-200 f/4L, which – as one would expect from a lens from Canon’s L-series – has an excellent image quality. 200mm on the EOS 500d or the EOS 7D (which both have a crop factor of 1.6) are equivalent to 320mm on a small-size picture format camera, which perfectly suits my needs.
The 100mm macro lens has an even better image quality at the price of a constant focal length. The sharpness and contrast of the pictures it produces still impress me. Finally, there is the 50mm prime lens, which has a fascinating ability to capture the mood of the light, even in low-light situations.
In the photoshooting section you can find pictures taken with the various lenses.

For digital post-processing I use Adobe® Photoshop®, which is an incredible piece of software.

Photo: Frankfurt am Main Skyline at Sundown (HDR) Bird of prey with bloody beak Photo of Mercedes Benz CLS Coupé (350 CDI, black) Photo of white BMW Z4 Roadster (23i, white)

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